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Bike with Guide

The aim of our "Bike with Guide" campaign is to persuade people to use their bike as means of transport by showing and teaching them how to cycle safely in the city and how to cope with city traffic.

Guided tours through the city

A “Bike with Guide” tour lasts for about one and a half hours. There are usually 2 experienced guides riding with 5 participants – one guide leading group and the other one following them from behind. There are 2-3 different preset routes which lead the participants through almost every possible traffic situation one can face in the city. The “convoy” is stopping regularly so that the guides can show the participants on the spot why a specific traffic situation needs more attention and how to behave in a similar situation. After the tour the guides demonstrate how to lock a bike properly and what kind of locks are more secure. Information booklets can be purchased as well, but all material is available online for free.

The target groups

Target groups of the campaign are:

  • people who already use their bicycles as means of transport but are afraid to use the carriageways and rather cycle regularly on sidewalks,
  • people who use their bicycles mainly for leisure and sporting activities and are considering the possibility of commuting by bike also.

The participants need to get to the gathering point by themselves with their own bike, and we only suggest this event for people who already know the necessary basics of cycling – eg. they know how to maneuver a bike. We have also programs for people who have never learned how to cycle, we organize “Bicicyle-School” events as well.

Where is “Bike with Guide” available?

Currently two of our regional bodies organize guided tours regularly:

  • Budapest-Downtown
  • Debrecen